Wire cup brush with shankWire cup brush with shank


Products Description:
♦ Used for removing stain, rust, paint, etc.
♦ Natural hardness steel wire,bent, Dia:0.13-0.8mm
♦ Mild copper wire,bent, Dia:0.13-0.5mm
♦ The imported grinding wire, was made up of heat resistant nylon and silicon carbide grain
♦ Copperize wire with good elasticity,bent, Dia:0.2-0.38mm
♦ Anticorrosive stainless steel wire ,straight or bent, Dia:0.13- 1.0mm
♦ High hardness card wire,straight. Dia:0.35-0.8mm



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Art.NoD(mm/Inch)SHK(mm)RPM max.FILL type
07WB606565mm(2 1/2″)6125000.50
Used for removing stain, rust, paint, etc.
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