Zirconia alumina grain type ZZirconia alumina grain type Z


Products Description:
♦ Vulcanized fiber disc is made of high tensile strength vulcanized fibers, backing with coated abrasives.
♦ Sharpness and long high efficiency ,safety and easy to use.
♦ Zirconia alumina grain is the ideal choice for grinding on alloy and non-alloy steels,high strength material,acid-resistant steel,stainless steel,non-ferrous metal.
♦ Compared with aluminium oxide,it can bear heavier load,especially used to poor conductor of heat.



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Order No.Matching backing padD1*D2mm(Inch)MAX SPEED RPMPcs/Box
05GS-10016ZPD100 M 14100(4″)*16(5/8″)1450025
05GS-11522ZPD115 M 14115(4-1/2″)*22.2(7/8″)1330025
05GS-12522ZPD125 M 14125(5″)*22.2(7/8″)1220025
05GS-18022ZPD180 M 14180(7″)*22.2(7/8″)850025
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