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    Welldon Tools Co., Ltd. A company providing cost effective quality grinding solutions. We deal in all type of bonded abrasive products.

    With the opening of global market, there has been huge influx of different products from various countries. Although in some cases the prices seems to be very cheap, the quality could not be assured. Lured by the cheap prices, the consumers traders have suffered by investing in such products.

    In today’s market trends, getting quality and price is a really hard task. At Welldon Tools Co., Ltd., our endeavor is to provide cost effective quality grinding solutions. We offer an unparalleled selection of grinding products, services and materials to help manufacturing organizations, address their though grinding requirements. With a sound knowledge of our customer’s needs, we deliver them with best of products and on the least possible price.

    Our highest aim is to produce and sell safe and accident-preventing abrasive tools of high quality. Thus, we set an example against inferior and dangerous products. For a maximum of safety, our products are manufactured and checked following the strictest norms and standards that can be found worldwide. The most recent EN norms ensure the highest possible degree of safety for the user.

Our belief is one trust one responsibility.


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